So my HTC Desire (running Acesmod007) died the other day. It just died and wouldn’t start back up. So after mucho deliberation, I went out and bought an HTC Sensation (non XE).

After spending almost two weeks trying out all the different ROMs that were available, I finally decided on Android Revolution HD (XE version) for stability reasons.

One problem I found was the lack of any “useful” official flashable MODs. Namely a circle battery mod, extended quick settings and the removal of the annoying and redundant recent app list at the top of the notification menu in Sense 3.x.

There should be a picture here but I got lazy. If you don’t already know what it looks like, you’re probably arrived at this page erroneously.

So, the dirty.

  1. Download and install apktool. Grab the apktool tar and the other tar that’s labelled for your operating system. Extract both of them to the same folder.
  2. Extract the following to the abovementioned folder:
    1. /system/framework/
    2. /system/app/SystemUI.apk
  3. Open a command prompt/shell and navigate to the folder
  4. In your command prompt, type:
    1. apktool if
    2. apktool d SystemUI.apk
  5. In your apktool folder there should now be a new folder. Navigate to
  6. Open the file
  7. Find the line
    sput-boolean v0, Lcom/android/systemui/statusbar/StatusBarFlag;->HTC_RECENT_APP:Z
    and replace it with
    sput-boolean v2, Lcom/android/systemui/statusbar/StatusBarFlag;->HTC_RECENT_APP:Z
  8. Save the file
  9. In your command prompt, type:
    apktool b SystemUI SystemUI_new.apk
  10. If you’re editing a SystemUI.apk directly from your phone (adb pull, etc), skip this and go to the next step. Now if you’re editing a SystemUI.apk from a flashable zip, I have had success with just replacing the original apk with this new apk (YMMV). [Don't forget to delete the old apk rename the new apk from SystemUI_new.apk to SystemUI.apk.]
  11. Open up the old and new apks in 7zip or WinRAR. In the root directory, you’ll find a file called classes.dex
    Take the classes.dex from the new apk and put it into the old apk.
  12. Put the old (but modified) SystemUI.apk back into your phone. Make sure the file permissions is, like all /system/app files, 644.


You have now removed HTC’s Recent Apps. If it doesn’t work, you may not have overwritten the old SystemUI.apk.